As a painter I began utilizing the camera for accumulating subject matter for painting that increasingly displayed collage elements. Over the past several years the photos/collages became the end result rather than the means. Contrary to the notion of photography as truth, a facsimile of life, synonymous with objectivity and the concrete, I became interested in its artificiality, and it's broken ambivalent narratives. Despite the hard mechanical surface there is a vulnerability, a kind of emptying of and at times a skepticism of what is actually being sold. A successful or potent work is dependent upon its ability to morph into and dissolve out of the fabric of its own making. Memories are at best fragmentary and the lucid statement is at best open ended and fragile, even alien when placed in the context of modern society and mass communication.

The streams of information received in a seemingly continuous unending flow, overwhelms memory and trivializes personal experience and choice. Posed with the question of which square is more important; a red, yellow, black, white, blue, green, orange or purple square? The answer is "doesn't matter...what do you think....what do you choose"? Out of all this fluctuation and indifference there are glimpses of a child, vulnerable, frail and innocent. We identify the child as one of us and we assure the child that everything is all right, the storm is over, now go back to sleep...

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it   Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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